Friday, January 11, 2013

Animation: "The Goon" Animated Film


"The Goon" animated film looks like it is going to be amazing!!  A little bit about the film from the Blur Studio site:

"Producer David Fincher and Blur are teaming up to bring The Goon, the Dark Horse comic book created by Eric Powell, to the big screen! Actor Paul Giamatti will lend his voice as Franky, the Goon’s sidekick as they face off numerous evil zombie gangs. "Even the undead fear--THE GOON!""

Last year there were a lot of awesome looking trailers floating around the internet.  When I finally got to see one of the "sample footage" trailers I was blown away.

Usually animated CGI films are aimed at kids.  But be warned this is no kids movie!  The trailer it self is pretty hardcore so be warned, unless you like exploding zombie heads, haha!

With the sucess of their recent KickStarter campain they have raised funds for the projects goal which was posted as:

"The next step of our plan is to begin the filmmaking process by producing a feature length STORY REEL based on Eric Powell's amazing script. (a story reel is a rough edit of storyboards combined with music and sound effects) This will give Hollywood a complete look at the Goon film's potential... from his early life in the carnival to busting heads in the mysterious town with no name. We all know the Goon's incredible story, the over-the-top action, hilarious comedy and genuine heart, but now it's time for Hollywood to experience it as well."

I'm SUPER excited about the film being created and really hope it gets made!  I love the idea of more awesome CGI films being made for older audiences!

Also, another awesome product of the movies early stages are some really wonderful concept artworks being created by the super talented Sean McNally!  All in all I'm a huge fan of this movie being made!  All around AWESOME!!!!


images and video copyright Eric Powell / Blur Studios / Sean McNally / Dark Horse Comics

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