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Interview: 10 Questions with Jean-Baptiste Monge


Jean-Baptiste Monge
image copyright Jean-Baptiste Monge

10 Questions with Jean-Baptiste Monge

1.... who is your favorite artist?

If I had to choose only one I would say Norman Rockwell (link) he is my master for so long time and I learned so much looking at his paintings. I wish I could meet him !But there are so many Disney, Pre raphaelite painters, contemporary artists like James Gurney (link), Alan Lee (link), Olivier Ledroit (link), Iain McCaig (link), Glen Kean (link), Dan Haskett (link), etc. a never ending list in fact and I love reading artbooks of CG animation !

2.... do you offer workshops for artists?

Not yet but I'd love to. I'm currently in a process of immigration to get Canadian residency (over very soon fortunately) so as soon as I will be clear I will find my own workshop and why not teaching then. I need just to feel more confident in my English talking. That's not easy each time haha.


3.... what do you like to listen to while you work?

Well, all depends on what I'm drawing ! Celtic music for some, soundtracks of movies sometimes, metal for fantasy pictures. I need an atmosphere a mood to feel and hear my illustration becoming alive.

4.... what medium and tools do you use to create your art?

I use both digital and traditional medium since 2009, since I worked for Sony Pictures Animation.When I have the time to paint, for special order, for my books,...I like the traditional way : watercolor with gouach to high the light - for the quick scene or portrait of little fairies and when I need to go further in a scene of a picture I like to use oil paintings on canvas paper, I can go deep in the details. Really fun.For the quick quick stuff, I use my 21ux cintiq board. Really comfortable and convenient. I save so much time with it.But I often do first a quick sketch in charcoal that I scan next and re-work on the board.I love the charcoal. It's a way so instinctive and we can have so much in the grayscale.


5.... during an average week how many hours a day / week do you work on creating art?

Oh dear... have I to count ?... I begin at 10am and I finish at 8pm sometimes more and when it needs or when I just want to, I work the week end. So to give you an average 10-12 hours a day I would say and 6 days a week. Lucky me, I have a very understanding and patient girlfriend !

6.... are you working your dream job?

Oh yes man ! I'm drawing since my 4 years old ! In France I was already working on my dream job, creating my own books, with my own texts. That is the dream of a lot of artists. Then I moved to be closer the USA where I could reach more opportunities of work for CG animations, movies in concept art. And I found ! I change a little my aims but I'm still living my dream job since my 20s.


7.... do you feel its important for others to pursue their dream jobs?

Of course! I hope everyone can fulfill their dreams. No frustrations just a feeling of well being and own satisfaction. Very pretentious in fact haha.But it's not always a blue dream. I feel angry when I don't manage to finish a picture, or when I go too far in the picture that I throw it to the garbage, when a client ask me to change details though I love it like that, so I grumble, I shout. It's not a long quiet river you know !!


8.... where can people see your work (online, conventions or exhibits)?
Above all on my website :

I will update it when the companies I worked for in this early year will allow me to post the work I did for them.There too (my society of derivative products)but the main is on my website.

9.... was there a certain moment that you knew you wanted to be an artist?

I never thought about it, it came by itself. I wasn't a good student at school I was just good in drawing.I met a very good friend at the good moment, with whom I shared my enthousiasm, my passion of work, my workshop, my dreams, everything. He is like my brother and it's as if we grew up together.And we met a publisher very early and that's it : it was the beginning of my adventure.


10.... is there anything else you would like to add or say to other artists?

The fun in our job is that it's not always a solitary job. Of course you are alone to draw, to paint but what I'm saying is that I used to live retire in my house, alone, seeing nobody but I learned so much with the eyes of other people, the feedbacks of other artists. And in fact I'm still learning when I find a talented artist I want to know how he does to achieve his picture. We need people's eyes to move ahead go further.


Jean-Baptiste Monge
image copyright Jean-Baptiste Monge

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