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Interviews: 10 Questions with the AMAZING Daryl Mandryk!


Daryl Mandryk
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10 Questions With Daryl Mandryk

1.... who is your favorite artist?

This is such a hard question, as there are so many artists I like for different reasons. Also, my favorite artist changes over different periods in my life. I guess the artist I keep going back to is Frazetta, who just seemed to have the perfect blend of everything. I can look at his work over and over and still be amazed every time.


2.... do you offer workshops for artists?

I have done workshops in the past with a local group here in Vancouver, but it isn't a regular thing. Recently I started offering private 1 on 1 sessions, which are a lot of fun. Students get so much more out of them. The Problem is finding time - I have to fit any teaching in between all my other responsibilities. However, I do enjoy teaching a lot and would like to do more when I can.


3.... what do you like to listen to while you work?

Anything and everything, my playlist is very eclectic. I love movie soundtracks, they are great for setting a mood while working. Classical music can be very relaxing. I also love a lot of classic rock, and my guilty pleasure is current top 40 stuff. Generally I tend towards stuff with the soundtrack to Conan for example, or stuff by Ennio just kind of feel like a bad-ass listening to that stuff.


4.... what medium and tools do you use to create your art?

Most of my art is 100% digital, done in Photoshop from start to finish. I stopped scanning in art years ago, now I just work directly on the computer. I love drawing in my sketchbook for relaxation, and for that I just use a regular ballpoint pen. When I do lifedrawing I just use big sheets of manilla paper with 2B conte....nothing fancy at all.

5.... during an average week how many hours a day / week do you work on creating art?

hm, probably at least 8 hours a day, sometimes more or less depending on how busy or inspired I am. A regular work day consists of a lot of stuff other than doing art as well, such as answering client emails, tracking expenses, gathering reference etc. So the art is on top of all that stuff.


6.... are you working your dream job?

As a kid I dreamed of doing this, so I guess you could say yes. I definitely couldn't imagine doing anything else, and there is really nothing else I'm good at. So for me this is a really good fit. I think when I was younger I think I thought it would be a lot more glamorous, so that part didn't work out so well. In reality it's a ton of hard work, and not a lot of sports cars and super models. =) But yes, overall I am very happy.


7.... do you feel its important for others to pursue their dream jobs?

I don't know, I think only they can answer that. For me it was important. For someone else it might not be that important - everyone is different. The question isn't should you go after your dreams , but rather how bad do you want it, and what are you prepared to give up? How single-minded can you be? That's kind of what it boils down to. I think it's a rewarding endeavor though, even if you don't end up achieving that 'dream' the long run it will make you a better person.



8.... where can people see your work (online, conventions or exhibits)?

The best place is online - I don't really go to conventions or exhibit my work. One day I hope to put together a book, but that is a ways off.


9.... was there a certain moment that you knew you wanted to be an artist?

In the back of my head I always knew I really loved art, but I always thought I could never make a living at it. Right after I graduated business school, I felt like I had wasted the last four years of my life doing something I had no interest in. I think at that moment I kind of woke up and realized I had better try to do something I like, or life was going to be pretty miserable.


10.... is there anything else you would like to add or say to other artists?

Thanks for having me on your site, and I hope my answers were interesting to your readers!


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