Monday, July 29, 2013

Interview: 10 Questions with the HEROIC Coran “Kizer” Stone!


Coran “Kizer” Stone
images copyright Coran “Kizer” Stone

10 Questions with Coran “Kizer” Stone!


1.... who are your favorite artists?

Hmm...Can't say that I have a favorite but I'm inspired by a whole lot of artist old and new. Those who are at the top of my inspiration list though are Norman Rockwell, J.C. Lyendecker, Gustav Klimt, N.C. Wyeth and Brad Bird.


2.... do you offer workshops for artists?

Hmph...I've never really thought of offering workshops. I might have to try that when I'm older. I do have a Youtube channel that I'll show a bit of "how to" on very soon though.



3.... what helps boost your creativity?

I spend a lot of time cruising sites like Deviantart, CGhub, and going outside a bit. So that helps. I also have a friend that I talk to almost everyday that re-sparks my imagination which leads me to create art.

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4.... what medium and tools do you use to create art?

I mainly use Photoshop 5 on a 12inch or 24HD Wacom Cintiq when creating my work these days.


5.... what helps you maintain focus and motivation when creating?

Listening to music while I work. is such a great site. haha!



6.... do you feel its important to follow your passion in your career?

I feel that if you don't follow your passion in your present than you might just regret it in the future. So the answer is Yes.


7.... what is the secret to creating a great piece of art?

Ha! A great piece? Hmmm....I think learning the fundamentals in art can help. Which means that anatomy, color theory, lighting, composition, Rhythm, Perspective and every else that falls under the fundamentals should be exercised. Once you absorb that stuff and it becomes apart of you than you can have fun.


8.... where can people see your work (online, conventions or exhibits)?

You can find my work on online at,, I'm also on Cghub, Yeah..I'm kind of a internet hoar. Ha! In terms of Conventions I'll be at a booth with a couple of friends at this years CTN in Burbank CA this September.


9.... can you describe your creative process when creating art?

Ha! Well...I'll have a few video's up on Youtube showing my process pretty soon. Describing it without drawing will take to long to explain.


10.... if you could give other artists one piece of advice what would it be?

Screw trying to find a style! Just Draw your ass off and be inspired by everything.


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