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Interview: 10 Questions with Seb Mesnard


Seb Mesnard
image copyright Seb Mesnard

10 Questions with Seb Mesnard

1.... who is your favorite artist?

I have 100 favorite artists but if I have to give you a shorter list I will say: Maurice Sendak, Chas Addams, Ronald Searle, Gustaf Tenggren, Tomi Ungerer, Ralph Steadman, Dr Seuss, Edward Gorey and Tony DiTerlizzi are my biggest influence but i'm also a big fan of other great artists such as Graham Annable, Drazen Kozjan, Uli Meyer, Jon Klassen, Chris Appelhans, Israel Sanchez, Adam Rex, Chuck Groenink, Shaun Tan, Carson Ellis...


2.... do you offer workshops for artists?

I never thought of it, I saw one workshop in my life it was great (Brittney Lee) and I was amazed how she could work in front of the audience!  For me drawing is like singing under my shower and I'm good at it only under the shower!

3.... what do you like to listen to while you work?

Music is really important in my process, I like to enter in my world to create and I usually listen a lot of soundtracks, classic and folk music but I listen almost everything exept Dance and Techno music.

I have on my desk right now (Preludes/Debussy, Deadman's bones/Deadman's bones, Malady of Elegance/Goldmund, Paranorman/Jon Brion).


4.... what medium and tools do you use to create your art?

For my traditional artwork I use only black ink using customed pen on Arche paper. My process: Sketchbook and pencil/Light table for the clean and final Inking.

5.... during an average week how many hours a day / week do you work on creating art?

I'm usually doing my job as cartoon designer so during the week going at the studio from 9 am to 7 pm but I work after at home 2 hours on my illustration work and during the week-end I try to draw 5 hours spending the rest of the time with my wife and kids. The time I need to create an artwork depends on the piece and if it's digital or traditional and on the size and complexity. I can spend few hours or two weeks on a single piece.


6.... are you working your dream job?

I think I'm very close but I like to keep some of my dreams safe.

7.... do you feel its important for others to pursue their dream jobs?

I think it's the most important, if you are not happy in your job you're not happy in your life!
I started working for advertisements with a confortable position but I was very unhappy so I left my job and started drawing everydays, it wasn't an easy choice but with the time I didn't regret the sacrifices!
As a father I will always push my sons to follow their own dreams. Maybe I won't agree with the way they will take but no matter I will always support them.


8.... where can people see your work (online, conventions or exhibits)?

And I exhibit regularly with Nucleus Gallery, By the way thanks to Ben Zhu and Wade Buchanan "you are the best guys!" and will be part and present at Nucleus gallery next march for the show "NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE: A TRIBUTE TO THE WIZARD OF OZ" Opening Reception / Mar 16 you can meet me there.

After Scissorhands20th and The book Show, I'm curating a new show "the Movieshow" in June with my friends from Maghen Gallery and I will be part of a collective project about Fairy tales and legends with Arludik and CFSL next september.

I will start a kickstarter for my personnal children book project at the end of the year and will be part of huge collective book project this year but at the moment it's secret... Surprise!

9.... was there a certain moment that you knew you wanted to be an artist?

I think the first time was when I saw the pictures of Maurice Sendak's Where the wild thing are, I thought I want to draw monsters too! I was 4 years old.


10.... is there anything else you would like to add or say to other artists?

Keep your child dreams safe and never let money or ego interact with your art, Try as much as you can to work traditionally and never give up!


Seb Mesnard
image copyright Seb Mesnard

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