Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Artbooks: Mel Birnkrant's AMAZING FREE Antique Toy Collection ArtEbooks!


Mel Birnkrant
website: http://melbirnkrant.com/
all videos and images copyright Mel Birnkrant

As many of the readers of this blog already know, I am a HUGE fan of toy inventor Mel Birnkrant (learn more about Mel's art).  Over the past year I have also become a HUGE fan of his antique toy collection.  Mel has one of the most AMAZING collections of vintage Mickey Mouse and comic character art, images, and toys from 1900 - 1940!


Over the past year Mel has been BEAUTIFULLY documenting, photographing and writing about his INCREDIBLE toy / art collection from the 1900's to the 1940's on his website:

Greetings From Mouse Heaven: A Guided Tour of the Mel Birnkrant Collection  http://MelBirnkrant.com/


In my opinion Mel has single handedly saved four decades of one of the GREATEST and most FUN unknown art movements to ever happen, toy art from 1900-1940!  An entire genre of art never before seen by most and a genre that has almost no documentation.  Incredibly sweet comic art, beautiful toy and puppet sculpture and toys that take hold of your entire imagination, no batteries needed!

After seeing his website and being THRILLED for hours by the overload of amazing art, I was hit with panic.  How can we make sure this website, countless hours of work and AMAZING documentation of this INCREDIBLE artwork never goes offline?


Then I approached Mel with an idea.  How about converting the Mouse Heaven website into a PDF Ebook.  I spent a month putting together a sample to show Mel.  Mel embraced the idea and began the painstaking process of carefully converting each webpage into a PDF ebook (with cheer leading and minimal technical support from yours truly).  Within a month we had an AMAZING four volume PDF Ebook of "Greetings From Mouse Heaven", which is FREE to download load from Archive.org!

"Greetings From Mouse Heaven"
Mel Birnkrant's lifelong Collection of Vintage Mickey Mouse and Comic Character Art, Images, and Toys 1900 - 1940

Download (or Read Online) all PDF Ebooks FREE, on Archive.org
Greetings from Mouse Heaven, Volume 1

Greetings from Mouse Heaven, Volume 2

Greetings from Mouse Heaven, Volume 3

Greetings from Mouse Heaven, Volume 4


I am so grateful to Mel for taking on the project of preserving the art that he has preserved.  While he may not be physically able to keep the entire collection together he can do it virtually with these Ebooks!  By creating these Ebooks I feel we have saved an INCREDIBLY VALUABLE piece of cartoon character history AND art history!

So take an hour or two (or ten!) and enjoy the INTENSELY beautiful photos and writing of these little masterpieces in Mel's new Ebooks!!  Discover the GREATEST art movement never heard of!  You will be swept up both by these INCREDIBLE creations and Mel's intense LOVE and PASSION for these toys!


Also be sure to check out the GREAT video interview and meet the LEGEND Mel Birnkrant and his LEGENDARY collection!



  1. Thanks to you and Mel for giving this incredible collection a permanent home on the Web. It's so generous of you both. I love what you said about these antique toys being an undiscovered art form. Mel's commentaries on the pages are so great because he speaks with from an artist's perspective, and his amazing photos really capture the magical living quality in those cartoon faces.

  2. Mel has been a great friend and mentor for more than 40 years. He and his collection are legendary. We all should give collective "thank you" to him for graciously sharing his unparalleled expertise and remarkable world with us. And three cheers for Eric Millen for posting all of this!

  3. Congratulations Mel and thank you Eric for preserving and sharing the most incredible collection of vintage character toys in the world.
    I was awed when I saw the nucleus of the collection about 1967 and now what it has grown into is beyond amazing. It is as if all these lost icons of happiness felt the magnetic pull of Mel's artistic vision and made their way to his world and now, thankfully, the entire world.

  4. I'm thrilled to have a permanent space online for Mel's writing. These really are one of the COOLEST chapters of "Art" history!

    I totally agree, Mel's words and photographs have captured the lifeforce of the collection for everyone to now enjoy!

  5. Thank you Bernie! I'm very happy and honored to be included in this project! My hope is that these ebooks will be a great gift to art lovers for decades to come!

  6. Thank you Ted! I'm very happy and honored to have helped preserve this collection through these ebooks!