Friday, February 22, 2013

Great Animation: "The Odd Sound Out" from The Animation Workshop!


Wonderful animation from the 2013 bachelor films from the "Animation Workshop" school!  Hilarious and sweet!  This animation is spectacular and a pefect way to start the weekend!

From the Animation Workshop site:
Trootpout is part of a small band of invisible creatures that play the mood quiet young man named Olaf, but his excited spontaneous sounds often disrupt the melody of the others. Therefore they decide to expel him.


Direction - Art Direction-Background -Story – Character Design
Pernille Sihm

Co-Direction – Compositing - Production management – Editing - Story
Ida Maria Andersen

Lead Animation - Character Designing-Pipeline Management - Rigging
Ditte Brøns-Frandsen

Editing – Animation - Story
Aimall Sharifi

Animation - Storyboarding
Aida Slamnjakovic`

images and video copyright The Animation Workshop

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