Friday, February 1, 2013

Animation: Amazing Animated Movies Created with the FREE 3D Blender Software!

I've posted before how amazing the Blender 3D software is.  So I thought now would be a great time to show the huge potential this FREE software has.

Every other year just about the Blender Foundation puts together an amazing animated shrot film.  To push the limits of the softwares potential and at the same time improving the software.

I cant say enough great things about blender and all its amazing posibilites.  A true gift to the art community!  Download Blender and start making your own amazing animations today!

Elephants Dream (2006)


From Blender Foundation site:

Project Orange, the first Open Movie, started in September 2005 and premiered end of March 2006. The ambitions and targets for Orange were set very high, the character animation system had to be fully recoded, the rendering system needed a lot of upgrades, and most of all: a node-based Compositor was required.

Elephants Dream was co-produced with the Netherlands Media Art Institute, who challenged the team to explore an abstract concept and storyline. This 10 minute short shows two people who explore a strange mechanical world, with each an entire own perception on what's actually there. The emotional ending shows once more the violent impact of mixing reality and fantasy.


Big Buck Bunny (2008)


From Blender Foundation site:

Project Peach, the second Open Movie, started in October 2007 and premiered April 2008. Target this time was to create good hair/fur editing and rendering, more advanced support for cartoonish characters, and solve complexity in rendering outdoors environments with grass, trees and leaves.

Big Buck Bunny was the first project in the Blender Institute Amsterdam. This 10 minute movie has been made inspired by the best cartoon tradition. A giant rabbit finds his happy sunny morning walk being disturbed by three rascal rodents. In a comical grand finale he gets even with them.


Sintel (2010)


From Blender Foundation site:

Project Durian was the third Open Movie, which started in september 2009 and premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival end of september 2010.
With a much larger team and bigger budget, the targets were very ambitious, resulting in a 15 minute short film that has found much acclaim on the web. Especially story telling and editing has been paid much attention to.


Tears of Steel (2012)


From Blender Foundation site:

In the period of March 2012 - September 2012 the 4th movie project has been realized in the Blender Institute, Amsterdam. Theme: vfx & realistic rendering.

all images and video copyright Blender Foundation

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