Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Animation: Tony McVey's Super Cool "Gardens of Miranda" Episode 1


Tony McVey is at it again!  Last week I posted Tony's amazing "Skull Island" video (if you have not seen it be sure to check it out!).  I then discovered he is hard at work on a second stop-motion animation project!


From Tony's Blog:


"At long last, after 3 years of work, Episode 1 of Gardens of Miranda is finished. I spent the first year writing, designing and constructing models, props and puppets, followed by 2 years of animation.

Shooting this proved to be a true learning process and I'm looking forward to putting all of it to use on episodes 2 and 3, which I expect to average around 2 minutes in length. There was a lot of exposition to work into episode 1, something that won't be as true for successive installments, so the pacing will pick up and include more characters and action sequences and a darker tone overall."

Check it out!

Gardens of Miranda Episode 1 from Tony McVey on Vimeo.


I'm very excited to check out the second two animations, especially if they contain more characters, more action and darker tone?!  Yes please, haha!


Be sure to check out his site http://tonymcvey.blogspot.com/ for updates on production of these awesome animations and lots of behind the scenes info!  Keep up the great work Tony!

images and video copyright Tony McVey

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