Friday, January 18, 2013

Animation: Pendleton Ward's "Animation Pals"


I'm just learning about the animation giant Pendleton Ward's work.  I don't have cable so the super addictive cartoon network show "Adventure Time" created by Pendleton hasn't reached me.....yet!


I say yet, because if his animations on cartoon network are as fun and hilarious as his online creations then I will be a super fan of "Adventure Time" just like the rest of the planet.

But for now I have to say his "Animation Pals" online videos are cracking me up!  Be sure to check them out!

His other creations are just as impressive too.  Be sure to checkout Cartoon Hangover online series "Bravest Warriors" also created by Pendleton Ward!  Super cool and fun!

Animation Pals image and videos copyright Pendleton Ward
Adventure Time image copyright Cartoon Network
Bravest Warriors video copyright Cartoon Hangover

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