Thursday, December 27, 2012

Animation: MTV Liquid Television Online: Running Man


One of the greatest things about the 1990's was MTV's Liquid Televison (link).  They ran tons of off the wall, independent and "artsy" animations that were so cool your brain would explode.  Also appearing on the MTV's Liquid Television were monster popluar shows like Beavis and Butthead and Aeon Flux.  Both shows I'm a huge fan of.

In 2012 they put tons of these animations online for viewers to enjoy again on MTV's site!  One in particular that was such an amazing masterpeice to watch was an episode I discovered called "Running Man."  A section of the phenomenal film Neo Tokyo (link)

Its deep, its strange and it flat out kicks so much ass it should be illegal!  One of the best finds of 2012 for me was MTV's throw back site in honor to the Liquid Television era greatness.  THANK YOU!!!!

watch in hi-def on MTV's site (link)

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