Monday, December 5, 2016

Great Stuff: "Magpie Ethel's" Vintage Christmas Decorations!

"Magpie Ethel" A Vintage Christmas Collection by Laurie

If you LOVE vintage Christmas art, sculpture and holiday decoration as much as I do then you will LOVE the amazing crafts and collection of "Magpie Ethel" (run by Laurie)  She has collected what I feel is one of the GREATEST vintage Christmas decoration collections of all time.  So much fun vintage Christmas design and charm in everything from greeting card holders, to record album covers, to Christmas yard decoration and everything in between.  Enjoy this MAGICAL Christmas journey into the past with the wonderful vintage Christmas decoration collection of "Magpie Ethel"!


  1. Love my crazy holiday world. Thank you for sharing it! Happy Holidays.

  2. Thanks for posting this and including lots of fawns and deer. Laurie has the absolute best vintage collections!!! Ask her if she has a collection of vintage ANYTHING and I bet she can show you.