Monday, September 12, 2016

Great Stuff: AMAZING "Thicker Than Blood" Comic Art! Ploog and Bisley!

Simon Reed:
Simon Bisley:
Mike Ploog:
images copyright Full Circle Publications

"Thicker Than Blood" Comic Art with Mike Ploog and Simon Bisley!  There have been many GREAT collaborations in art, however, my FAVORITE collaboration came in the form of the comic "Thicker Than Blood" with the INCREDIBLE Mike Ploog and the LEGENDAEY Simon Bisley!  Both artists are legends in there particular feilds of art and when they combined there SUPER powers the final art is INCREDIBLE!

Mike Ploog provided the FANTASTIC ink and drawings and Simon Bisley provided the AMAZING color and paintings.  The combination of these two INCREDIBLE artists is one of the GREATEST artistic collaborations ever!  Be sure to check out this PHENOMENAL collaboration and all the AMAZING art!

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