Friday, April 29, 2016

Great Stuff: Bror Anders Wikstrom's Breathtaking Float Designs! PART I

Bror Anders Wikstrom
website: Lousiana Digital Library
 images copyright Bror Anders Wikstrom

Bror Anders Wikstrom!  Some of the most BEAUTIFUL and CREATIVE float designs the world has ever seen, AWESOME!  Be sure to check out the Lousiana Digital Library  for nearly 140 AMAZING designs!

From the New Orleans Public Library site:
"Bror Anders Wikstrom designed the carnival parades of the Krewe of Proteus from 1900 to 1910. A native of Sweden, Wikstrom ran away to sea at a young age and spent a dozen years as a sailor. When he returned from his travels, he studied at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm and later in Paris before setting out to make his fortune in America.

 In 1883 Wikstrom came to New Orleans. His entrée to the world of carnival came when he began to work as assistant to Rex's float and costume designer Charles Briton. When Briton died, Wikstrom succeeded him and continued to design for Rex, and later for Proteus, until his death in 1909."

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