Monday, November 16, 2015

Podcasts: SiDEBAR Podcast Says Goodbye And Makes ALL PODCASTS Available For FREE!

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SiDEBAR!  It is with great sadness that I share the news that the GREATEST art podcast around is closing its doors.  SiDEBAR was ALWAYS GREAT, INTELLIGENT and most of all FUN!  I've listened to a lot of art podcasts and only ONE that got the formula right! 

From the SiDEBAR site:
As announced on our final show (#337), all the Sidebar back episodes — including the ones previously archived in our store — are available for free download over the next three weeks. After early December, no more. We will be shutting this blog down along with all other hosting sites.
If you have favorites in terms of artist interviews, grab them now. They won't be online forever.
The reason for the shut down is not clear but what is clear is that the GREATEST art podcast of all time will be greatly missed.  Now is your chance to own all the episodes for FREE so be sure to stop by the SiDEBAR site and download EVERYTHING (as there doesn't seem to be a plan for a permanent archive of the shows)!  I have posted my favorite podcasts below but be sure to check them ALL out!

 James Gurney Podcast with SiDEBAR:

 Drew Struzan Podcast with SiDEBAR:

 Bobby Chiu Podcast with SiDEBAR:

Arthur Adams Podcast with SiDEBAR:

 Adam Hughes


  1. ugh their page is gone :< does anybody know where to find all podcasts now?

    1. sorry, i know they have a youtube channel they are working on, , but not much up yet. this is a real loss to the art community for sure!

  2. I downloaded them all before they pulled them. I'm not sure if they have them up anywhere.

  3. That's so sad, they're the best. I always wondered why they didn't jump in the youtube bandwagon earlier, they're best than any comic-related channel over there!
    I wish I knew about this whole shutting down thing before, but ever since google reader ended I followed them only more sporadically and chronologically erratically.