Monday, February 23, 2015

Great Stuff: Maurice Sendak's INCREDIBLE Documentary "Tell Them Anything You Want" Now FREE To Watch On Hulu!

Maurice Sendak
images copyright Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak!  One of the GREATEST children's book illustrators of all time and by far the most influential children's book illustrators of our time.  I'm such a HUGE fan of Maurice Sendak and I have been trying to find a place online to view Spike Jonze's PHENOMENAL documentary interview/talks with Maurice for sometime.  I was thrilled to find out recently that Hulu has recently made the documentary FREE to view on their site!  Be sure to check out this very close and intimate documentary on one of the GREATS!

From "Tell Them Anything You Want" Wikipedia Page:

"Starting in 2003 Spike Jonze and his frequent collaborator Lance Bangs began to film a series of interview with author Maurice Sendak. Sendak spoke about his youth, family, thoughts on death, and his career and some of the controversies that came from his books Where the Wild Things Are and In the Night Kitchen."

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