Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Video: One Fantastic Week's AWESOME Interview with the LEGENDARY Dave Rapoza!

One Fantastic Week
 video copyright One Fantastic Week

Dave Rapoza
images copyright Dave Rapoza

I recently discovered the AWESOME "One Fantastic Week" interview show hosted by fantasy artists 
Pete Mohrbacher ( Sam Flegal (

From the One Fantastic Week Facebook page:
 "One Fantastic Week is a weekly web show where self-employed fantasy artists talk about whatever happened over the last 7 days."

This weeks show was an INCREDIBLY inspirational talk with the AMAZING Dave Rapoza!  If you dont have time to check out the entire show make sure to check out last comment on art and "doing what you love" that starts around the 1 hour 5min mark!  However, if you have time to enjoy the entire interview it is AMAZING and well worth checking out!

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