Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Video: James Gurney's WONDERFUL "Toonerville Trolley Toy" Video Featuring Mel Birnkrant!

Mel Birnkrant
images copyright Mel Birnkrant

James Gurney
video copyright James Gurney

 What happens when LEGENDARY fantasy artist James Gurney gets together with LEGENDARY toy inventor and collector Mel Birnkrant?!  WONDERFUL things thats what!  Be sure to check out James Gurney's GREAT "Toonerville Trolley Toy" video featuring Mel Binrkrant and one of his AMAZING toys!

I have also had the AMAZING opportunity to visit with Mel and I'm currently hard at work on a full length documentary on his AMAZING collection.....details and trailer coming soon!

If you are interested in learning more about Mel's AMAZING toy collection then be sure to visit his "guided tour on his website!  Over the past year Mel has been BEAUTIFULLY documenting, photographing and writing about his INCREDIBLE toy / art collection from the 1900's to the 1940's on his website:

Greetings From Mouse Heaven: A Guided Tour of the Mel Birnkrant Collection 


In my opinion Mel has single handedly saved four decades of one of the GREATEST and most FUN unknown art movements to ever happen, toy art from 1900-1940!  An entire genre of art never before seen by most and a genre that has almost no documentation.  Incredibly sweet comic art, beautiful toy and puppet sculpture and toys that take hold of your entire imagination, no batteries needed!


The AMAZING collection is also available in a  four volume PDF Ebook of "Greetings From Mouse Heaven", which is FREE to download load from!

"Greetings From Mouse Heaven"
Mel Birnkrant's lifelong Collection of Vintage Mickey Mouse and Comic Character Art, Images, and Toys 1900 - 1940

Download (or Read Online) all PDF Ebooks FREE, on

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