Monday, May 12, 2014

Great Stuff: The GREAT Frank Frazetta Museum Opens Saturday May 17TH!

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The wait is OVER!  The Frazetta Museum is officially reopening!  EXCITING news from the Official Frank Frazetta fanpage:

 "The Frazetta Art Museum will re-open Sat, May 17 & Sun, May 18 from 10am-4pm. Then every week following...Thur-Sun 10am-4pm
COME SEE THE LEGENDARY PAINTINGS OF FRANK FRAZETTA! Come see the original paintings of Cat Girl, The Silver Warrior, The last Death Dealer, and the first time exhibition of Reign of Wizardry! These plus dozens more original pieces on exhibit for the 2014 season!! All on display in the original museum that Ellie & Frank Frazetta built to house these classic paintings!"

Now those of use who unfortunately didn't get to visit the museum during  its original opening can now visit!  Be sure to check out the Official Frazetta Museum website for details and DIRECTIONS!

I had the AMAZING opportunity to visit the Frank Frazetta Museum before its reopening this year and had a great visit with Frank Frazetta Jr (son) and William Frazetta (grandson).  In the segment, Frazetta: Museum Reopening, we got a chance to talk about the details on the Frazetta Museum reopening, new layout, new displays and where to get all the update news!

Frazetta Part 2: The Museum Reopening

I also posted the Part 1 of the series on Frazetta below!  Part 1 is, Frazetta: The Artist.  What tools did Frank Frazetta use to create his art? What did Frazetta like to listen to when he worked? What were some secrets that helped Frazetta create AMAZING art? What were Frazetta's other passions? Find out all the answers in this GREAT interview with Frank Frazetta Jr (son) and William Frazetta (grandson) about the life and work of Frank Frazetta!  Be sure to check it out!

Frazetta Part 1: The Artist

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