Friday, November 1, 2013

Interviews: Video Interview With LEGENDARY Garbage Pail Kids and MAD Magazine Artist Tom Bunk!


Tom Bunk
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Recently I had the AMAZING opportunity to talk with one of my childhood art heroes, Garbage Pail Kids and MAD Magazine artist Tom Bunk!  As a kid I was just the perfect age to fully enjoy the Garbage Pail Kids craze.  I have fond memories of the cute/gross artwork that hypnotized me.

So it was WONDERFUL to get the chance to sit down with one of Garbage Pail Kids earliest creators!  Tom Bunk gave a GREAT interview were we had the chance to talk about his AWESOME art career, Garbage Pail Kids, his creative process and lots more!  Be sure to check it out!

BIG thanks to Tom Bunk for taking the time for this interview!  BIG thanks also to the great wacky packages site: and great garabage pail kids site:  for providing such great references!


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