Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Video Tutorial: Joe Vriens's BEASTLY Video Tutorials

Really awesome tutorial / walk through videos from creature and concept artist Joe Vriens!  I always enjoy getting a chance to see how artists work especially artists who ROCK!  Be sure to check them out!


from Joe's youtube page:


Tutorial video showing how I paint a monster in 1hour using time saving techniques. (video sped up)
This is an exercise I do before work when I'm feeling up to it :)

first 15min is sketching out thumbnail ideas-really rough exploratory stage
second is 30min of fleshing out the forms in greyscale
third 14 min to finish up the design, tidy up loose ends and add quick colour if time allows
final min is for adjusting contrast/levels brightness etc

Horny Troll

from Joe's youtube page:

This massive brute is a tough nut to crack.
He attacks with a plethora of pulsating punches, each one getting harder
than the last. The climax of a horny troll encounter usually leaves the victim
completely exhausted if lucky enough to survive.
Be sure to bring protection if planning on pursuing this particular persuasion of troll.

images and video copyright Joe Vriens

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