Monday, February 4, 2013

Video Tutorial: 12 HOURS of AWESOME Creature Tutorial Video from RJ Palmer!


Its really amazing when artists take the time to show you how they work and how they get their amazing results. RJ Palmer just raised the bar through the roof by posting his AMAZING Pokemon creature tutorial / walkthrough....all 12 HOURS of it!

Be sure to check it out and all his other amazing videos on his LiveStream page!  He is one of the best creature designers out there so dont miss out on the chance to learn right along with him....for FREE!!!!

From his DeviantArt Page:

Boy this one took forever to get done, it has 8 equally important Pokemon, what a hassle. It was done as a commission for a private client. You can watch almost the entire process over at My Livestream Channel. Now for the flavor text.

Eevees are one of the most unique Pokemon, possessing extreme adaptability. When left in the wild, their surroundings shape their physical form. They are capable of extreme growth in a matter of a few years with radical shifts in their anatomy. When under tutelage of a trainer, Eevee can remain unchanged if kept in a stable environment.

Watch live streaming video from arvalis at

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Watch live streaming video from arvalis at

Watch live streaming video from arvalis at

image and videos copyright RJ Palmer

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