Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Awesome Artists: The Magical World of Toy Maker Mel Birnkrant! PART TWO

Part Two of The Magical World of Toy Maker Mel Birnkrant!  The second post is based on the AMAZING toys of Mel's that didn't get a chance to make it.  Such a shame because each of these toys is a little master piece of toy inventing GENIUS!

This post just scratches the surface of the amazing toys Mel Birnkrant has invented.  Be sure to check out his site www.MelBirnkrant.com for more great concept illustrations, prototype sculpts, pitch and promotional videos and behind the scenes stories!  Now on to the TOYS!!!!


R.C. MAN was way ahead of his time!  The figure would move his head and arms to control his vehicle.  Be sure to check out the great pitch video to see R.C. MAN in action!  The toy was ultimately made but changed to be called CYBON I and the focus was changed to be more on a fast vehicle and less on the character himself.  So the original idea was used....somewhat, haha.


Monster Trucks was a great concept!  The big wheel trucks would each feature a different monster and when the truck would crash into something the monster would pop out of the truck!  Check out the video below for the demo.  Such a cool concept but as Mel says on his site a similar toy came out before his concept and the idea was never made! NO! Say it aint so!


Whoopies is where I have to draw the line.  This toy should have....NO, HAS TO be made!  The fart noise to a boy in his adolescence is the single most hilarious thing on the planet.  And we didn't want to admit it but as young boys we wanted dolls too.

But not baby dolls creepy monster dolls!  Mel's invention "Whoopies" combines both these awesome ideas into one awesome toy invention!  Had this toy been made I would have made sure my parents got me all of them!  Although the Whoopies ball was made, the larger doll never got a chance to blow their steam!  What a crime!  My childhood now looks incomplete and I'm mad as hell someone stood in my way of owning my "WHOOPIES!!!!"

Tina Twinkle Doll

Now I'm not a doll collector but I can recognize a genius idea when I see one.  Girls in the 80's and 90's, even today would have lost their mind for this doll!  However, Disney came out with a similar product and Tina Twinkle never made it out!  Such a shame this doll needs to be made!  Be sure to check out the promo video to see the super cute "Tina Twinkle" and all her charm!

Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots were absolutely brilliant.  Once again this was not really a toy for boys but I can totally see their appeal and the invention and ingenuity that went into these toys is stunning!  Each of these little guys had some type of amazing action when reacting to another character.  Be sure to watch the demo video to see how cool!  Unfortunately although toy companies were very interested in putting these guys out there was already too many similar products filling the category.  This is a shame because these toys were incredible and genius!

Lock Ups

Another genius idea from Mel Birnkrant!  These were stuffed animals that you could open their mouth and put your valuables inside their soft furry stomach and then close their mouth and lock it shut with a lock on the nose!  So cool!  However, there was already a similar product on the market and this little guy was only sold over seas, sad!  Be sure to check out the promo video and his site for more concept ideas for these guys.

All in all Mel Birnkrant's inventions were amazing and so much fun.  Had the toy executives in control been able to take his original ideas and produce them in their original form so many kids childhoods would have been more awesome than they already were in the 80's and 90's!

I'm a huge fan of Mel Birnkrant's concept illustrations and prototype sculptures.  So cool, so inventive and so creative.  Be sure to check out Mel Birnkrant's website www.MelBirnkrant.com for more cool images, sculptures, promo videos and behind the scenes stories about making it as a toy inventor.  Also be sure to check out his own toy collection which is equally amazing!  Mel in my opinion has achieved what all artists want to achieve.  Which is, knowing the world is a better place because of your creations!  Long live Mel Birnkrant!

all images and video copyright Mel Birnkrant

Be sure to check out the first post on Mel Birnkrant about the toys that did make it into children's hearts!


  1. Eric,
    Where have you been all my life? And why couldn’t you have run a toy company? I Love You!
    Seriously, THANK YOU for the Glowing Website. I am still blushing!
    I especially like the final line, the part about living a long time. As the saying goes, from your mouth to God’s ear.
    Best Regards Mel

  2. And THANKS to you for all the great artwork and inventions Mel! Very inspiring work! Lots of love right back at you!

  3. Eric,
    It’s me again.
    Could I direct your attention to someone far more talented than I am, my dear friend, Charles Ponstingl.
    Thanks again, Best,Mel

  4. Mel!
    I've done a very thorough journey through your site, haha, and defiantly have seen Charles's amazing work and absolutely plan to post on his work in the near future! Also sent you a short email. Keep up the great work!

  5. I'm truely happy you have discovered this remarkable talent
    whom I worked with almost everyday for 10 years.
    It's a shame many of these great toys were not shared and played
    with by the kids of the world.


    michael strouth

  6. You have only touched on half of Mel's genius! In addition to his own work, he also had the foresight to put together the finest collection in the world of the comic characters of other artists. I have to add that he is also a great guy and a man that I have been privileged to know as a friend. Check out his website and you will leave amazed.
    Richard Olson

  7. Absolutely Michael! I feel the same way. Its especially bad for me because I was a kid of the 80's and my childhood would have really been enriched having any one of these toys!

  8. Awesome, I'll have to learn as much as I can, haha, Mel is Legendary!

  9. Mel,
    Congratulations!!!!! You are a genius. I am so proud and honored that I finally got to know you. Our times together are always so enjoyable.
    Jim Witt

  10. I am so happy to be among Mel's fans. He has enriched our lives.