Friday, January 4, 2013

Great Stuff: Stephen Colbert’s Interview with Maurice Sendak


I'm sure I will do a post in the future about one of my favorite artists / authors Maurice Sendak.  Especially how much I loved "Where the Wild Things Are."  When I was a kid I thought that book was made just for me.  And now that I'm grown I find out so did a billion other people, haha.

However, what I did'nt realize until now is how much personality that artist had.  Maurice Sendak sits down with Stephen Colbert for a "interview."  Stephen Colbert is up to his old tricks and joking, but to everyones surprise Maurice Sendak isn't a frail old man that he may appear to be.  Before you can feel bad for Maurice he matches wit and insults with Stephen Colbert.  Super sharp wit, he kept up Stephen Colbert every step of the way and didn't miss a beat!

Maurice is HILARIOUS and will be greatly missed for his humor, personality and art!  This interview is pure gold for sure!  A must see!





image copyright Maurice Sendak

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