Tuesday, May 9, 2017

MASSIVEfantastic # 1 Birnkrant Special !


 I received a bit of a frantic email from the AMAZING Mel Birnkrant the other week.  He told me with a bit of shock that the photos I had posted along with our many ebook posts, interview posts and art posts on his work from my art blog MASSIVEfantastic were gone!!   When you host your blog with years of writing and images on a FREE host this day is always coming.  The day they decide to take back there free gift, haha!

I had a choice to make.  I could abandon the site.  I could restore all the images on another free host (and risk losing them again).  I could attempt to create videos on art that wouldnt as easily be lost (which I have been trying to do).  Or another option would be to archive my writing and images in a PDF Magazine (which you are reading now).  This is the choice I went with because I can continue to blog/write/share art and host it somewhere safe and not risk losing my work again.

What does this long intro have to do with Mel Birnkrant's Special MASSIVEfantastic #1?  EVERYTHING!  Artists like Mel Birnkrant are the reason I feel such a strong desire to not only share GREAT art but to preserve GREAT art.  Mel Birnkrant is the deal breaker that has convinced me to countinue on!  So on that note please enjoy this issue preserving SIX amazing Ebooks, TWO amazing videos and ONE great interview!

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