Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best of 2013: Podcasts! SIDEbar (Terryl Whitlatch), Masive Fantastic Art Podcast (Nathan Fowkes and Dave Rapoza), Monsters and Metal Podcast!


2013 was a GREAT year for art and a GREAT year for podcasts, including Massive Fantastic Art's very FIRST podcasts!  Here are a list of some of my FAVORITE podcast highlights from 2013!

Terryl Whitlatch
website: http://talesofamalthea.com/welcome/


Terryle Whitlatch, one of the GREATEST living creature concept artists talked with the SIDEbar podcast during Spectrum Fantastic Arts Live 2013!  Lots of great insights into her career and art!  Be sure to check it out!

SIDEbar Episode 221 TERRYL WHITLATCH!  Adrian writes about the interview on the SIDEbar site:
I and the panel audience learned about her life-long passion for animals both real and imagined, how she creates the phyisiology of fantastic creatures for film and her involvement with Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and the creation of Jar-Jar Binks. Plus we learn about her creator-owned bookThe Katurran Odyssey with writer David Michael Wieger.


Nathan Fowkes
concept blogspot: http://nathanfowkes.blogspot.com/


For MassiveFantast.com’s very first Podcast I was extremely LUCKY to get a WONDERFUL interview with the AWESOME Nathan Fowkes!  Nathan is an AMAZING concept artist, portrait artist, landscape artist and teacher!  Be sure to check out the podcast!

MassiveFantastic.com Podcast #1
The Incredible Nathan Fowkes! (right click link to download MP3)


Dave Rapoza
blogspot: http://daverapoza.blogspot.com/


For MassiveFantastic.com’s second Podcast I had the WONDERFUL luck to get the AMAZING Dave Rapoza!  Dave is an INCREDIBLE concept / fantasy artist creating some of the COOLEST most realistic fantasy illustrations and characters on the PLANET!

MassiveFantastic.com Podcast #2
The AMAZING Dave Rapoza! (right click link to download MP3)


Monsters and Metal
website: http://monstersandmetal.blogspot.com


“Monsters and Metal” podcast is EPIC!   I recently discovered this podcast in 2013 on one of my FAVORITE sites www.StrangeKidsClub.com.  “Monsters and Metal” has everything a horror art fan could want….and MORE!  Be sure to check it out!

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