Monday, December 30, 2013

Best of 2013: Massive Fantastic's Video Interviews! "Villafane Studios, Tom Bunk, Mel Birnkrant, Thomas Kuebler and Frank Frazetta"!


2013 Has been an AMAZING year!  One of the BIGGEST highlights was meeting my all time favorite artists and getting the chance to sit down with them and talk about their art!

These are the interviews from 2013!  Be sure to check them all out!

Mel Birnkrant
The very first and one of my very favorite video interviews was with LEGENDARY toy artist Mel Birnkrant!  Mel was more than generous with his time and we talked about everything from his toy art, motivation, toy collecting and ideas on creating.  Be sure to check it out!  Mel is one of the GREATESTS artist, GREATEST personalities and GREATEST collectors to ever live!

Thomas Kuebler
I have been a fan of Thomas Kuebler for years!  When I finally got to meet the LEGEND in person it was MAGIC!  Thomas Kuebler gave an AMAZING interview on his work, creative process and thoughts on pursing your passion in your career!  Such and AMAZING artist!  Be sure to check out one of the BEST artists giving one of the BEST interviews of all time!

Tom Bunk
Tom Bunk!  I became a fan of Tom Bunk when I was only 7 years old at the time of the GREAT "Garbage Pail Kid" craze!  Such a FUN time period for art!  Be sure to check out Tom Bunk's GREAT interview and learn about his process and thoughts on pursing your passion in your career!

Frank Frazetta
I have been a MAJOR fan of Frank Frazetta for years.  One of my all time FAVORITE fantasy painters.  I had never gotten the chance to visit the Frazetta musuem while Frank Frazetta was living and I regret it badly.  However, in 2013 I had the AMAZING opportunity to meet with Frank Frazetta Jr. (son) and William Frazetta (grandson).  I got the chance to interview and learn more about the LEGEND Frank Frazetta!  I had the amazing opportunity to ask what tools did Frank Frazetta use to create his art, what did Frazetta like to listen to when he worked, what were some secrets that helped Frazetta create AMAZING art and what were Frazetta’s other passions?  Be sure to check it out and learn the ANSWERS to all those questions and MORE!

Ray Villafane and Andy Bergholtz
I had the AMAZING opportunity to meet Ray Villafane and Andy Bergholtz and get an AMAZING interview! For 30 minutes we talked about their art, creating in a unsustainable medium and their views on pursuing your passion in your career. Then when I got a chance to review the video I found my microphone was not plugged in! NO! However, I did get some great footage of the sand sculputre they were working on!  I hope to get another interview with these AMAZING artists in 2014

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