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Great Stuff: Massive Fantastic's Ten FAVORITE Frank Frazetta Artworks!


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During my AMAZING visit to the Frank Frazetta museum to visit Frank Frazetta Jr. (son) and William Frazetta (grandson), I was asked a questions by William Frazetta,

"What is your favorite Frazetta artwork?"

I panicked!  There are SO many GREAT works of art by Frank Frazetta how could I pick one!  I thought for a few seconds and then mumbled the "Snake Queen"!?  William looked at me a bit confused, haha!  Snake Queen, I though?!  When I got home and researched the image I meant and found out the correct name is "Ghoul Queen" (I thought the object in the front was a snake?).  There I was in the church of Frazetta talking to Frazetta's very own grandson and I couldn't even come up with one proper name for a Frazetta artwork I loved!

That is the reason I felt I HAD TO make this list.  My top ten FAVORITE Frazetta artworks!  I have memorized their titles and dates and next time I get asked the question I will have the proper answer!  Also interestingly all these artworks seem to fall in what I consider "Frazetta's Gold Years".  The years from 1966 to 1976 seemed to be the years everything Frazetta touched was GOLD!  Be sure to check out some of the GREATEST art ever created!

Ghoul Queen (1972)


Conan the Destroyer (1971)


The Moonmen (1974)


Swamp Ogre (1968)


Lord of the Rings (19??)


Pterodactyl VS Saber-tooth? (19??)


White Gorillas? (19??)


Dracula Meets the Wolfman (1966)


Tree of Death (1970)


Black Panther (1972)


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