Monday, November 4, 2013

Great Stuff: LEGEND of Fantasy Art, Frank Fazetta!


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I am a HUGE fan of a lot of artists, however, if I had to pick just ONE artist as my all time favorite it would have to be Frank Frazetta.  Frazetta's work has a lifeforce and energy that is off the charts AWESOME!

It has been long overdue to have a solid week dedicated to the artist and his work.  Therefore, this week and part of next week I dedicate to the LEGEND himself Frank Frazetta!

Here is a list of the days and things I hope to cover in detail starting tomorrow!

Tuesday: Frank Frazetta: The Artist (video interview)
I had the AMAZING opportunity to visit the Frank Frazetta Museum before its reopening this year and had a great visit with Frank Frazetta Jr (son) and William Frazetta (grandson).  We filmed a wonderful three segment interview.  In the first segment we talked about Frank Frazetta: The Artist.  We cover his work process, advice to artists and two secrets to how he created GREAT art!  You dont want to miss it!


I will also be posting the second two segments: Frank Frazetta: The Museum Reopening (hopefully posted next Monday) and Frank Frazetta: The New Book (hopefully posted next week).  Frank Frazetta: The Museum Reopening will cover the details of the Frazetta Museum reopening dates and details about the new layout!  The third video Frank Frazetta: The New Book will cover all the details about Frank Frazetta Jr's new book!  So be sure to check back for those too!

Wednesday: Frank Frazetta Artbooks
There are tons and tons of GREAT books out about Frank Frazetta and his artwork.  I will list the four books that I feel are the best!

Thursday: Frank Frazetta Top Ten!
While visiting the Frank Frazetta Museum, William Frazetta (Frazetta's grandson) asked me "what is your favorite Frazetta artwork?".  I drew a blank and struggled to find the answer.  So many GREAT artworks what could possibly be my favorite!?  Embarrassed I knew right then and there I had to come up with my answer to avoid future embarrassment.  So Thursday I will cover in depth which are my top ten favorite Frazetta artworks and why!

Friday: Frank Frazetta: Painting with Fire DVD Review (with SPECIAL guest interview!)
Friday I will do a review of my FAVORITE art documentary "Frank Frazetta: Painting with Fire"!  If you have not seen this documentary I will go into detail why you MUST SEE IT!  I also was very fortunate to get a GREAT short interview with a special guest!  So be sure to check it out!

So please join me this week as we celebrate the LEGEND of Fantasy Art, Frank Fazetta!


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