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Art DVDS: AWESOME Documentary, "The Garbage Pail Kids Story" Kickstarter!


30 YEARS OF GARBAGE: The Garbage Pail Kids Story


As a HUGE fan of the Garbage Pail Kids I was thrilled to find out last week about the AWESOME Kickstarter started to document the story of the Garbage Pail Kids!  I have been a UBER fan of Garbage Pail Kid art since I was 7 and I credit Garbage Pail Kids for starting my obsession with art!  This is why I think a project documenting the story of Garbage Pail Kids is so important!

From Kickstarter:
This documentary’s goal is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Topps’ Garbage Pail Kids Cards. We will interview the original creators of the surprisingly controversial and explosively popular 80’s card series. Grown-up kids will share nostalgic memories of what it was like to be a part of an international phenomena. Superfans will give us a peek at what a 30-year amassment of Garbage Pail Kids memorabilia looks like. We will proclaim Garbage Pail Kids as an art form and a solid mark of the 20th Century! See how these happily-diseased kids are still influencing pop culture today.

I have seen many very interesting Kickstarter projects, however, this will be the FIRST project I have ever participated in!  I am THRILLED to see the outcome and the progress of this project!  They already have AMAZING interview commitments from the earliest creators of Garbage Pail Kids!

From Kickstarter:
The majority of your contribution will go towards travel expenses, crew, and camera equipment rental for creator/artist interviews. We have secured interview commitments from original Garbage Pail Kids Creators, including: Art Spiegelman, Len Brown, Mark Newgarden, John Pound, Tom Bunk, Jay Lynch and others. Please view the graph below for our expense hierarchy.


Earlier this month I posted MassiveFantastic's video interview with Tom Bunk (video below).  I was so THRILLED to meet one of the early creators of Garbage Pail Kids.  The experience was AMAZING.  I knew the artwork from the Garbage Pail Kids had impacted me greatly, as well as thousands of other fans and artists.  So why was there no documentary?  I was happy to see the GREAT Garbage Pail Kids books come out, but this wasn't enough to fill my MASSIVE appetite for Garbage Pail Kids art and the story behind them!  I wanted the whole story from ALL the early creators!

Since the interview with Tom Bunk was so exciting, I thought maybe I could "attempt" to tell the story of the Garbage Pail Kids?  How could it be done? Who would I contact?  It seemed to be such a HUGE project to take on.  Then no sooner had I thought it would be great if someone made a documentary about the story of the Garbage Pail Kids, that I saw this AMAZING Kickstarter project!

I look forward to posting more updates on the project (and hopefully an interview or two!).  Until then if you are a fan of the Garbage Pail Kids please check out the project, and if it is something that EXCITES your inner Atom Bomb or Large Marge, then join in!

My FAVORITE Garbage Pail Kids Artists
Tom Bunk
blogspot: http://bunkart.blogspot.com/
John Pound
website: http://poundart.com/
Brent Engstrom
blogspot: http://monkeyboycomic.blogspot.com/
Garbage Pail Kids Copyright The Topps Company, Inc.


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