Thursday, October 3, 2013

Podcasts: Monsters And Metal #7


Monsters and Metal
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Episode #7 of Monsters and Metal is OUT and it is MASSIVE, over 4 HOURS long!  PERFECT for the Halloween season.  I'm new to horror comics but with my LOVE for horror stories and LOVE for art I was bound to arrive at horror comics door!  And who was the one to answer that door?  Decapitated Dan and Monsters and Metal podcast!


I've posted my favorite sections of Episode #7 below: insights into the hosts Halloween traditions, the newest in horror comics with Aub and Dave Elliot , horror movie talk with my FAVORITE website host Rondal Scott of, the always hilariously brutally honest segment "I Hate Everything You Love Segment with Douglas Paszkiewicz, and what is this!?  A segment brought to you by!?


Yes sir!  As a old time radio and newer audio horror FANATIC I was thrilled to be a part of the show.  I have listened to THOUSANDS of hours of audio horror and I'm THRILLED to pass along my favorites on Monsters and Metal as the presenter!  So check it OUT!

Monsters and Metal Episode #7
Welcome to Monsters & Metal Episode #7, the internet’s hardest hitting, in your face mix of Horror Comics and Heavy Metal! Join Decapitated Dan and F(r)iends each month as they keep you up to date on what is going on in the world of Horror Comics, while playing some of the World’s best Metal tracks!

• Decapitated Dan and Dirk Manning introduce the show. AND

• Dark Horse Discourse with Aub

• Monster Messaging Segment with Dave Elliott

• Strange Kids Club Presents: What's Crackle'n

• I Hate Everything You Love Segment with Douglas Paszkiewicz

• Presents Horror Theater - "The Dance of the Devil Dolls"

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