Thursday, July 4, 2013

Shows: EXCITING Updates for Illuxcon 6!

s1fIlluxcon 6
September 11-15th, 2013
facebook updates:

The newly updated website for Illuxcon 6 has been launched at and the updates on the new site and the updates to the show look AWESOME!  I was very EXCITED to discover three more of my favorite artist will be attending the show!

Raoul Vitale -

Sean Andrew Murray -

Petar Meseldzija -

As well as the AMAZING artists I mentioned in my other post about Illuxcon 6 who will be at the show: Thomas Kuebler, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, Jordu Schell and Justin Gerard! This line up is AMAZING!  I was also very EXCITED to see lots of great demos will be taking place at Illuxcon 6!

J. Anthony Kosar – FX Makeup – Demonstration

Sean Andrew Murray – Pencils and Digital Inks – Demonstration

It also appears there will be even MORE announcements soon!
Programming for this sixth year of IlluXCon will be posted in its entirety in the coming months. We have excellent discussion panels, presentations, talks, alla prima painting demonstrations, and lectures planned for you this year.

All the news is very EXCITING and I'm really looking forward to the show!  I will be keeping an eye on the new Illuxcon 6 site for details!


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