Thursday, July 18, 2013

Podcast: SIDEbar's EPIC "Grab-Bag-O-Audio" Podcast From Behind the Scenes at "Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2"!


I was REALLY was hoping to attend Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2 this year,  although, I was not able to make it (no offical word out yet, but SFAL3 I heard is defiantly happening!).  HOWEVER! I was able to live some of the event through SIDEbar's AWESOME Podcast Episode 224 that recaps what went on and talks to a lot of artists and fans who attended!  Be sure to check it out!

Podcast Episode 224
Grab Bag-o-Audio - From the Green Room at SFAL2

From SIDEbar's website:
More pre-recorded audio from Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2, only this time captured back stage in the infamous green room. (Aw, yeah, baby!) We hung out with a lot of friends that weekend and ended up making a bunch more. So why not pull out the mics and get it all down?

Stuff covered on this episode: Doing art for Midwestern breweries and children's books, a commission-a-week for 52 weeks, over 2000 nudes, "Bob Peak, Bernie Fuchs, and Robert Heindel were my instructors", adjusting to the west coast, being half-Swedish, attending SFAL for the first time, and what it's like getting your 'fantasy art door' kicked in.

Seriously, our thanks to the folks who joined us on this Grab Bag show: Kyle Bice, J.J. Torrres, Arkady Roytman, Anita Kunz, L.D. Austin, John Polidora, Ray Bonilla, and Dustin Johnson. They were all very gracious to give us their time.

Also be sure to check out the AWESOME artists SIDEbar talks to during episode 224!

L.D. Austin

John Polidora

Arkady Roytman

Anita Kunz

Ray Bonilla

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