Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Great Stuff: Drew Struzan's AWESOME Documentary "Drew: The Man Behind The Poster" In Theaters / Comic Con Panel NEXT WEEK!


Drew Struzan

"Drew: The Man Behind The Poster"
Drew: The Man Behind The Poster  is a feature-length documentary highlighting the career of Artist and Illustrator Drew Struzan, whose most popular works include the Indiana Jones, Back to the Future and Star Wars trilogies.

Telling the tale through exclusive interviews with George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Michael J. Fox, Thomas Jane, Sam Witwer, Frank Darabont, Guillermo del Toro, and many other artists, critics and filmmakers, this film spans the journey of Drew’s early life and career in album cover art through his success as one of the most recognizable and influential movie poster artists of all time, to his most recent 'post retirement' life and works of fine art.


At long last the eagerly anticipated "Drew: The Man Behind The Poster" documentary is COMING OUT!  I've had my eye on this film for about a year and I'm so EXCITED to see its finally being released!  Drew Struzan is a PHENOMENAL artist and I'm very happy a film has been created to document and showcase a true GENIUS!

I'm SUPER excited to see the film and hope to have some news soon for a DVD release and possible future screenings.  Be sure to check out the trailer to this AWESOME film!

Also if you are lucky enough to be in the California or New York area the official "Drew: The Man Behind The Poster " website has posted special screening times and dates!

San Diego, CA July 19 - 25 (Reading Cinemas Gaslamp 15)
Albuquerque, NM July 28 - One night only! (Guild Cinema)
New York, NY Aug 16 - 22 (Cinema Village)

And for those of you who are among the lucky few to make it to Comic Con this year you MUST check out the "Drew: The Man Behind The Poster " Comic Con panel (and get some video)!

Comic Con 2013
Friday July 19, 2013 / 7:00pm - 8:00pm / Room 4
Join Drew Struzan and other celebrity guests plus the film crew of Drew: The Man Behind The Poster for a panel about our 2013 movie premiere! Enjoy movie clips, poster giveaways, and free movie tickets!


I'm SUPER excited for Drew Sturzan who's art defiantly deserves such a GREAT documentary!  I cant wait to see it!


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