Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Great Stuff: COLOSSAL News for Frank Frazetta Fans! Frazetta Museum REOPENING!


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Frazetta Part 2: The Museum Reopening

The below post is a bit outdated, according to a recently updated site looks like the wait for the museum opening will be a bit later, but well worth the wait I'm sure!  Here is a quote from Frazetta Jr and Family from the official museum site:
The museum was scheduled to reopen in late 2013, but due to the necessary upgrades and repairs it will reluctantly have to wait until early next spring 2014. However, I do hope to have a few random fundraisers later this fall so that patrons can make suggestions along with getting the word out that the Frazetta Museum is open.

Frank Frazetta is the BEST of the GREAT fantasy artists. So I was EXTREMELY excited when I heard the news on the Frazetta Facebook page that the Frazetta Museum in PA is REOPENING this summer!

From the Frazetta Fan Page on Facebook:
Frank Frazetta Jr. has just recently obtained the estate on which the Frazetta home and museum reside on. Therefore, I have quite the announcement to make! On behalf of my Father, Frank Frazetta Jr., Eduardo Verde and I (William Frazetta) would like to proudly announce the reopening of the Frank Frazetta Art Museum!

It will not only be a celebration of the artwork that Frank Frazetta has created, but also his life! We hope to bring a new view of him to you, his fans, by adding things such as photo albums, biographies, awards and more (along with the art of course)! You will see some of his earliest works and everything behind the scenes! It is set to reopen sometime in the early to mid summer months depending on obstacles such as available funds, restoration, etc. I will continue to keep everyone updated! Thank you all for your continued love and support! It is you, the fan, that keeps the legacy alive!


Just about every year from 2000 to about 2009 I had been meaning to make the trip and visit the museum and see Frank's MASTERPIECES in person. But every year I put it off....Then just before Frank Frazettas passing in late 2009 the museum shut down.


I was crushed and so disappointed that I proably missed my one and ONLY chance to see these ORIGINAL great works of art in person. UNTIL NOW! The "goal date" for the museum opening is summer 2013. So along with all the excited Frazetta fans I watch the Frazetta Facebook Page with tremendous EXCITEMNT waiting for more good news! And I'm so HAPPY to get a second chance to see Frazetta's AMAZING work in person!


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  3. Where is the Frank Franzetta museum located? My husband has some originally signed prints of his art work and I know he would love to visit a museum dedicated to Franzetta.

    Please advise, thank you.