Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Great Stuff: AMAZING Sideshow Collectibles Studio Tour Videos!


Sideshow Collectibles
images and video copyright Sideshow Collectibles


Sideshow Collectibles is an AMAZING company.  Creating some of the most incredibly GORGEOUS and detailed collectible statues, figures and figurines on the PLANET!  They also have some of the best sculpting talent in the world, specifically two of my all time favorites Andy Bergholtz and Trevor Grove!


So when they came out with a 9 PART studio tour I was in HEAVEN!  Be sure to check out the AMAZING world behind the scenes at Sideshow Collectibles!

Studio Tour: Introduction

Studio Tour: Concept Corps

Studio Tour: Waxworks

Studio Tour: Mold Hold

Studio Tour: Paint

Studio Tour: Cut and Sew

Studio Tour: Production

Studio Tour: Photo Lab

Studio Tour: The GAD


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