Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Artbooks: Sean Andrew Murray's "Gateway: The Book of Wizards" UPDATE and "Sketchbook Collection Volume 1"!


Sean Andrew Murray
images and video copyright Sean Andrew Murray

I recently got the chance to talk to the GREAT Sean Andrew Murray about his upcoming "Gateway: Book of Wizards Book".  For those of you who may not know Sean started a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 to produce this AMAZING book!  Be sure to check out his Kickstarter video to learn what its all about (although the campaign is over its still a great video to learn about this AMAZING book!)
The Book of Wizards is a book... an illustrated "field guide" to various famous practitioners of magic in a fantasy world called "Gateway". When printed, it will be about 100 pages long, and will have about 65 illustrations or more in it, mostly color, some black and white.

The book was scheduled for release at San Diego Comic Con 2013 but the wizards in the book demanded a Fall 2013 release (September or October).  The unveiling will most likely be taking place at New York Comic Con in October (assuming the wizards approve!).  So be sure to keep an eye out on Sean's blog for what promises to be an AMAZING ARTBOOK!

However, if you HAVE to have some AWESOME "Gateway Wizards" artwork right now, it just so happens one of the GREAT bonus stretch goals of the Kickstarter campaign was a book of sketches that is available NOW at Sean's Etsy Shop!


This is a black and white, softcover collection of sketches pulled directly from the pages of my personal sketchbooks. There are approximately 100 pages of sketches collected from the past 7 years of sketchbooks and they are not re-touched or enhanced, but instead appear exactly as you would see them in the real thing.

This book was created as part of a stretch-goal pledge reward for my successful Kickstarter campaign from May of 2012. Many of the sketches are early roughs for pieces that will appear in the main book: "Gateway: The Book of Wizards" which will be available in Fall of 2013.

The book is big (8.5x11) and is really nice quality.  Featuring some of the best sketches from Sean's sketchbook!  So if you are like me and you have to have a "Gateway Wizards" fix right now, then you GOT to get Sean Andrew Murray's Sketchbook Collection Volume 1!


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