Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Studio Visits Trailer: The AMAZING Toy Inventor and Collector Mel Birnkrant!


From the start of Massive Fantastic I had the idea and hope to do a section on the site called "Studio Visits".  My goal was to visit the studios of the artists I really admire and learn more about their work and what goes on inside the MAGICAL place where their artwork is created!

Last week I decided to turn this idea and dream into a reality!  With amazing luck I was able to do my very first "Studio Visit" with an artist who has become one of my all time FAVORITE creators, Mel Birnkrant (


I met Mel at his home/studio/museum and we discussed his AWESOME art/toy inventions and his AMAZING vintage toy collection.  Be sure to check out the trailer for Massive Fantastic's very FIRST "Studio Visit"!

Also be sure to check out the two part (part one / part two) posts on Mel's AWESOME art/toy inventions and the GREAT interview he gave a few months ago!


Overall the experience was AWESOME and I cant wait to do more visits to more of my HEROES!  It was an amazing experience and the full "Studio Visit" will be posted in about two weeks!


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