Friday, May 10, 2013

Shows: Spectrum Fantastic Art Live in ONE WEEK!!!!


The GREATEST artshow / convention will be taking place one week from TODAY!  Spectrum Fantastic Art Live is going to be an AMAZING show with tons of the best fantasy/concept/creature/character artists on the PLANET!


That being said it breaks my heart (once again) that I will be unable to attend!  Ive had the amazing opportunity to travel to one of my FAVORITE artists studios and produce my first studio visit videos.  I've wanted to add a section to the site of video interviews/studio visits and for my first visit I have an AMAZING one.

I will truly be hurting next weekend by not being able to attend.  However, the opportunity to put my time and energy into expanding and visiting the studios of my favorite artists couldn't be passed.

That being said I STRONGLY encourage attending and fully support this AMAZING show.  I have no doubt in my mind it will be PHENOMENAL!

I will mostly miss being able to say hello to some of my all time favorite artists like Jean Baptiste Monge, Paul Bonner, Bobby Chiu, Thomas Kubler, all the guys from SiDEBAR podcast, Jordu Schell and on and on and on.

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL time who is attending and I hope to attend next year!

PS if William Stout, James Gurney and Scott Gustafson are listening: PLEASE attend next year so I can say hello and see your art in person, haha!

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