Friday, May 31, 2013

Animation: Rubber House's Hilariously AWESOME Animations (Iron Sheik / Snappy Tom / Little Gary / Wine Men of Gotham)

I recently learned about the HILARIOUSLY awesome animation work of Rubber House a few weeks ago from  CartoonBrew posted Rubber Houses AWESOME animated short IRON SHEIK- Very Animated People and I thought the animation and art was so GREAT and so HILARIOUS!

Be sure to check out all their GREAT animations on their site.  I've posted my favorites below!  Long live RUBBER HOUSE!

IRON SHEIK- Very Animated People

The Iron Sheik recounts a night out with Hacksaw Jim Duggan from the WWF in the 80′s.

Don't Mess with the Cartel! (Little Gary)

Each week, Video Podcast Network will airs a new “ANiMASHUP” pairing select stand-out audio bits from VPN’s partner Podcasts with the coolest animators from around the globe.

Wine Men Of Gotham

Telling the story of how three mates began their wine empire. Rubber House re-designed the characters to feel as if they were straight out of a Fleischer cartoon from the 1930′s.

Tijuana Cartel- Snappy Tom

Our music video for Tijuana Cartel’s groovin’ track Snappy Tom describes the infectious affect of killer beats on a multi-tiered organism.

All Animations Copyright Rubber House and Their Respective Owners

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