Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Artbooks and DVDs: Treasures of Long Gone John DVD (with Todd Schorr)


Treasures of Long Gone John has been on my "most wanted dvds" list for a long time....too long!  I've wanted this dvd for MANY reasons.

From Treasures of Long Gone John facebook:
“The Treasures of Long Gone John” is a feature-length documentary profiling eccentric art collector and independent record producer, Long Gone John, through his art, toy and musical obsessions.

First the documentary seems to have a really great insight into the AMAZING talents that are making up the AWESOME "Lowbrow/Pop Surrealist Art" movement happening on the west coast right now.
“The Treasures of Long Gone John” also portrays the work of four high-profile artists included in John’s immense collection of Lowbrow/Pop Surrealist art: Camille Rose Garcia, Mark Ryden, Todd Schorr, and Robert Williams.

However, the BIGGEST reason I need to own this DVD is the 9 month documenting of one of my favorite artists, Todd Schorr, creating the MASTERPIECE "A Pirate's Treasure Dream."

The film reveals the private world of the artists and their creative process, while simultaneously weaving in the execution by Todd Schorr of a 6 x 8 foot painting featuring John, captured through the magic of time-lapse photography and filmed over a nine-month period.


Most process/tutorial DVDs were you get to watch over the artist shoulder as they create a specific piece of art is normally around $100 and up.  I don't know how detailed the process documentation of the Todd Schorr's work is, but for $15 on I'm willing to find out!  To me $15 is worth just that section of the dvd.  Being able to watch a talent like Todd Schorr paint and see his process is PRICELESS!

Treasures of Long Gone John looks like its going to be a knock out and I cant wait to get it!  Everything from the story of Long Gone John, to the insight into the west coast art moment to the documenting of the creation of art by one of my favorite artists.  The Treasures of Long Gone John looks EPICALLY AWESOME!

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