Friday, March 8, 2013

Animaton: "Vincent" is Animation PERFECTION! Tim Burton, Vincent Price and the Chiodo Brothers!


"Vincent" is animation PERFECTION!  Direction by Tim Burton, narration from Vincent Price and animation and puppetry by the Chiodo Brothers!  It doesnt get any better than this!  Be sure to check out the 1982 CLASSIC!


Chiodo Brothers also did some other AMAZING stop motion work.  Below are two videos you must see!  The first is "Son of Dinosaurs Stop Motion Takes" animation footage of a baby dinosaur that is AMAZING.  The second "Chiodo Bros.' Inter-Dimensional Safari" is a video of some AMAZING footage of a newly discovered creature BEAST!  Be sure to check them out!

"Son of Dinosaurs Stop Motion Takes"

"Chiodo Bros.' Inter-Dimensional Safari"

Vincent images and video copyright Buena Vista Pictures
Son of Dinosaurs and Inter Dimensional Safari copyright Chiodo Brothers

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