Friday, March 22, 2013

Animation: Rafa Toro's "Cartoon Chanantes", "Medusa", "Kid vs Monsters" and MORE!


Rafa Toro
images and video copyright Rafa Toro

Rafa Toro's animation is hilarious and more HILARIOUS!  Such a GREAT STYLE!  Be sure to check it out.  Cartoon Chanantes is....I dont know what but you have to see for yourself why it is so great!

The Medusa animation is short but definatly worth checking out.  The third animation My Brightest Diamond - "Inside A Boy" is a GREAT animated music video.

Last but not least is Kid vs Monsters.  Rafa explains:

"I am currenty working with Pakoto (a great artist you should check out) in an animated series about a kid who kills monsters. You can check the teaser  trailer.  We want to complete first episode by the end of april."

Cartoon Chanantes


My Brightest Diamond - "Inside A Boy"

Kid vs Monsters Trailer

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