Thursday, February 14, 2013

Podcasts: "Divide and Kreate" Awesome Mixtapes, Mashes and ReMixes


Technically not a podcast, but just as relevant to an art blog!  Music is a major factor in what people listen to while creating artwork.  For me sometimes I'm just not in the mood to work or finish a difficult project, but I have a secret weapon.....musician Divide and Kreate!

I just put on some Divide and Kreate on my headphones and I'm an art creating beast!  And you too can have this secret weapon for FREE!

Divide and Kreate has posted his awesome mash ups, mixtapes and remixes all on his site, FREE to download!  To me he is a modern day Motzart, I'm a huge fan!  Be sure to check out his AMAZING TUNES!

Crazy in the Deep
MASHUP Talented Adele and her 'Rolling in the deep' meets Gnarls Barkley and their 'Crazy' tune.

Celebrity Skin
REMIX Well, Courtney's people asked me to do something with one of her songs, so here you go...

If you like the samples above you got to check out:

The Crush Mix
MIXTAPE As aired on the McSleazy show on XFM Scotland. It's a rather straightforward, fairly uptempo and mainstreamish general disaster of some mashup stuff.

The Zebra Mix
MIXTAPE As aired on the Zebramix on Oui FM (France). It's a mainstreamish mashup mix of rock and pop songs.

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