Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Great Stuff: Best of Mondo's AMAZING Movie Poster Art! PART ONE

I've heard a lot about Mondo Movie Poster Art for a long time and I've seen tons of the amazing art on lots of different websites. However, it wasn't until recently that I really took a look into the PHENOMENAL ART that Mondo and a huge group of AMAZING artists have been putting together!

From the Mondo site:

Mondo creates limited edition screen printed posters for our favorite classic and contemporary films, in addition to vinyl movie soundtracks, VHS re-issues, and apparel. We also have a permanent gallery space in Austin, TX featuring a mix of original artwork and limited edition screen prints.

I took my first trip over to the Mondo website a few weeks ago and I was totally blown away! So much breathtaking artwork! Mondo Movie Poster Art is the PERFECT combination of incredible artwork and imagery from some of best films of all time.

Here is PART 1 of what I feel are 10 of the BEST posters on the Mondo site in no particular order.  Next week I will post the next 10 BEST posters on the Mondo site!  So be sure to check out this amazing art and come back next week for PART 2!  ENJOY!


Pan's Labyrinth
Artist: Aaron Horkey


Planet of the Apes
Artist: Martin Ansin


The Lord of the Rings
Artist: Olly Moss


Artist: Tom Whalen


Artist: Rhys Cooper


The Monster Squad
Artist: Tyler Stout


Salacious B. Crumb
Artist: Rhys Cooper


The Lost Boys
Artist: James Rheem Davis


Artist: Daniel Danger


Hellboy 2
Artist: Ken Taylor

all images copyright Mondo and their respective artists

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