Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shows: Spectrum Fantastic Art Live "Paul Bonner and Jean-Baptiste Monge" In The Same Booth!


Spectrum Fantastic Art Live is shaping up to be an amazing amazing show!  Two of my top 5 favorite artists have a booth....TOGETHER!!!!  The super human Paul Bonner and the amazing Jean-Baptiste Monge!!!!

As amazing as this is, it raised some concerns for me.  Is it too much power?  too my talent in one booth?!  I felt I needed to post my fears on the Official Spectrum Fantastic Art Live Facebook Page:


So everyone can rest easy.  They will have "awesomeness" surge protectors to keep us all safe.  If you are going to go to one show this year, and you want to know what will be the best.  I think its safe to say, if you are a fantasy art lover like me, Spectrum Fantastic Art Live has got to be the go to show this year!

Now my only fear is, will I get thrown out when I do this at Jean-Baptiste and Paul Bonner's booth?!?

image copyright Paul Bonner

image copyright Jean-Baptiste

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