Thursday, January 3, 2013

Podcast: Top 5 SiDEBAR Podcasts: #5 Twenty Years of IMAGE COMICS


Podcast Episode 185 :: 20 Years of IMAGE COMICS

I'm a big fan of the SiDEBAR podcast.  I can relate to their intense excitement about art and getting to talk to their favorite artists.  Over the next couple weeks I will post my top 5 favorite SiDEBAR podcasts!

Starting with #5 "20 Years of IMAGE COMICS".  I'm not a huge comic book fan.  But when the guys break out the intense nerd passion on their love of comic art, comic stories and comic artists its hard not to be swept in by the good vibes!

As posted on their site this podcast covers:

"Recently, the fellas and myself realized that this year, 2012, marked the 20th anniversary of Image Comics. In 1992, seven former Marvel artists struck out on their own to make the kinds of books that they wanted to make, and inadvertently started a revolution."

If that intro is not enough to get you excited to listen to the podcast then I don't know what is!  Check it out!  More posts on SiDEBAR to come!

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