Thursday, January 10, 2013

Podcast: Top 5 SiDEBAR Podcasts: #4 Peter de Seve


Peter de Seve
image copyright Peter de Seve

This was a super fun podcast to listen to with the uber talented Peter de Seve!!  They cover his work on the New Yorker, book illustrations and work on character desgin for the Ice Age films.

But the serious conversation doesnt last to usual on the show, haha!  It resorts to new nick names for everyone and at one point Peter de Seve drops names on which artists in the industry are JERKS!!!!! WOW!!!!  Just for that reason alone this podcast is in my top 5 favorite SiDEBAR podcasts!  Check it out!

Podcast Episode 111: A Sketchy Interview featuring Artist PETER DE SÈVE

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