Thursday, January 17, 2013

Podcast: Top 5 SiDEBAR Podcasts: #3 Bobby Chiu


Bobby Chiu
images copyright Bobby Chiu / Disney Enterprises Inc.

I'm a huge Bobby Chiu fan!  So when they guys at SiDEBAR came out with this podcast I was thrilled.  The podcast is four years old but still one of the best!

You get to hear from a "younger" Bobby Chiu (before starting his own school, and before working on major Hollywood films).  You get to hear about how he got his start and lots of great stories about his motivations and passion for art.  One of the top 5 best SiDEBAR podcasts for sure!  Check out Bobby Chiu on SiDEBAR!

Ep. 64: Chiuists Unite! - BOBBY CHIU of Imaginism Studios Comes to SiDEBAR


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