Thursday, January 24, 2013

Podcast: Top 5 SiDEBAR Podcasts: #2 James Gurney


James Gurney
images copyright James Gurney

I've read a lot of James Gurney interviews ( I've even done one myself) and I can tell you NO ONE has covered the career and details of James Gurney's artwork like the wonderful interview SiDEBAR did in episode 121!

From the SiDEBAR site:

"In the discussion, we cover as much as we can with this modern day Renaissance Man: his background, his life now in upstate New York, some of those career highs we mentioned earlier and his newest book, Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn't Exist.

We also get into his daily blog and why he started it, his travels around the world and we end things by posing a question—to which James offers the most interesting answer (hey, he's James Gurney, what else would you expect)."

Such a fun episode to listen to!  This is a paid episode, however $1 gets you a awesome interview with an amazing artist and the warm feelings of knowing you are supporting a PHENOMENAL podcast!  Be sure to check it out!

Podcast 121: GURNEY'S JOURNEY - SiDEBAR Interviews Fantastic Artist JAMES GURNEY


There is also a wonderful follow up episode with James Gurney from the 2012 Spectrum Fantastic Art Live show.

From the SiDEBAR site:

This panel took place on the main stage at SFAL on Sunday morning. It was the day after the live awards show at the Midland Theatre where our friend James Gurney was awarded the Spectrum Grandmaster Award. Dwight and I were both there to see James win, heard his very gracious speech, and couldn't have been happier that he was being honored.

Jim Gurney is not only an outstanding artist and writer with a huge body of work, but a teacher and lecturer who remains fiercely supportive of the fantastic art community. It was nothing short of moving to see him get a standing ovation from a room full of his peers (many of whom are also fans).

This is a fantastic free download!  Be sure to check it out!

Podcast 191: Spectrum Fantastic Art Live (2012) - JAMES GURNEY

photo copyright Janet Schroeder

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